Doctor Who - “The End of Time”

David Tennant is my Doctor.

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Fringe: “One Night in October”

One of the things I found most interesting about this episode was the back-and-forth between Olivia and Altlivia.  Their differences became so apparent when you could see them, more like see Anna Torv, wearing the same clothes, with the same hair.  The loose way Altlivia carries herself and the her impulsiveness contrasted so well with the stiff and distant way Olivia moves and act.  

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Terra Nova: “Genesis” (SPOILERS)

My reactions during the first 30 minutes: ”It’s like Wall-E (ruined Earth)! It’s like Doctor Who (wibbly wobbly timey wimey)! … Holy shit, someone spent a lot of money on this pilot (duh, it’s Spielberg). It’s like Stargate (magic portal)! Um, quantum leap (stuck somewhere with no way back)? Avatar (magical unspoiled land!)”

After the first couple of minutes, I was already hooked because of this strange distopian future Earth with its population police and unbreathable air. I’m a sucker for it.

At first I couldn’t figure out if the purpose of the Terra Nova project was to prevent civilization from becoming what it became or to create a new civilization in another time to prevent the human race from dying out.  After the mention of the probe, it became very clear that since they’re in some alternate timeline type thing just to prevent the obvious paradox of going back in time.  (Living in the past 85 million years ago and changing the course of history would prevent yourself from being born in the first place, making it impossible for them to go back in the first place.)  But if the purpose of the project is to save people, why is there just some small colony?  

I like how their idea of “exotic” food is a sugar apple, a tropical food I’ve eaten plenty of times. Clearly, this is meant for an American audience.

There’s always a guy with a score to settle and an agenda (the Sixers), there’s always a guy who wants to know, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” (Jim), there’s always some tough guy in charge who begrudgingly accepts the Jim character even though he’s a rule breaker but is actually in on some dark plot, and there’s always someone who goes somewhere they’re not supposed to (Josh) and stumbles upon some strange thing that is supposed to be a secret. To top it all off, there’s always a MPDG (Skye).  Even with her MPDG tendencies, because of her small moments of wisdom, I think Skye is much more tolerable

I think the Slashers are the obvious the Jurassic Park Velociraptor of Terra Nova.  Obviously, they’re going to show up a lot, whenever some character need to escape some clever dinosaur.

I also got some strange Avatar vibes from this episode, but it might just be the medical bay equipment that strangely echoed the chambers used to create the avatars. *shrugs*

So… let me get this straight.  ”Control the past, control the future.” Obviously, Mira couldn’t mean the past everyone came from, because the probe proved that they’re in an alternate timeline, unless there’s some conspiracy behind the history of the probe and they actually can control the future, but that would create a whole new set of paradoxical problems.  If Taylor means to control the future of the colony, then I understand, but I got the idea that she meant the time period that they came from, which means that someone has some idea of how to travel forward in time. 

Frankly, the whole “there’s a tear in the fabric of space and time” sounds a bit suspect to me because some disturbance caused the tear. It’s not a wormhole that they found, because, theoretically, you would be able to travel back. 

The only thing I can’t stand is the entire dynamic between the family.  The son is typically bitter and rulebreaking, the daughter is really smart but still wants the attention of the attractive boy whose name I can’t remember, the mom worries about absolutely everything, the dad is distant and impulsive because of his supercop skills, and Zoe wanders around everywhere but is super calm about everything, making her the only character I like. 

Oh, and I did the math. Over 85 million years, the moon would be about 264 miles closer to the earth.  At least they got something right.  (No one in their right mind would create a fence that short with giant gaps! The colony would be overrun with giant bugs and it’s just inviting teenagers to crawl through it, which is exactly what happened.)

I’m just curious about one thing. If the transport point is so far from the colony, how do they ever know when a new transport (and I assume, some supplies, considering they don’t have a manufacturing plant of some kind) is going to come in? They can’t just have people stationed there 24/7, but they can’t also risk leaving an entire transport just sitting defenseless in the jungle.  Taylor already referenced the fact that time moves differently on either side of the portal, so how are they to know?  (EDIT: From here. ”12. Bonus nerd question: How do the colonists communicate with the Earth of 2149? Echevarria said they can only communicate with the Earth of 2149 when the portal is open and new colonists are coming through. They can order supplies and relay information during those periods, but whatever the colonists ask for, they have to wait eight months to get it — supplies only arrive with next group of settlers.” This doesn’t make sense to me, considering the portal is one way, which is why no one can return, but alright, I guess I’ll take it for now.) 

Overall, I couldn’t care less about the characters, but I’m very interested in the politics and problems of living in the distant past alongside dinosaurs. I can’t resist high-budget, shiny production shows with lots of action scenes!

(I have to at least applaud the casting decisions of the show, hooray for non-white characters with large speaking parts and that actually show up in the promotional pictures!)

You should read: Maureen Ryan’s review on AOLtv. I like what she says and she says it a lot better than I could.

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Doctor Who: “The Wedding of River Song” (SPOILERS)

I’ll make this quick.



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Doctor Who: “Closing Time” (SPOILERS)

“I am through saving them.” It’s heartbreaking to hear The Doctor say that.

It’s incredibly out of character for Eleven to flirt on purpose.  The only person who he’s done that with is River. It would feel wrong, except Craig is too likeable, far more likeable than River.

“You always win.  You always survive.”The sad thing is,  The Doctor always does.  But the safest place isn’t next to him, even though he’d pretend it was before. He admitted to Craig that it wasn’t safe to be near him.  He’s always been too selfish to admit that he needs someone by his side before.

I think Moffat was trying to distract us from Amy’s absence with cute flirting between Craig and The Doctor.  Honestly. 

Cybermat is cute until he bites your face off.  Nobody’s laughing then!

I don’t understand why The Doctor isn’t compatible with Cyberman parts. I’ve never thought about it before, but if they want everyone to assimilate, it shouldn’t be that hard to do with someone who has two hearts instead of one. Maybe he’s just too smart to be assimilated. 

I’ve never seen The Doctor act so human before. In this episode, he’s shown he can care for people over and over again. (Seeing Amy in the department store and NOT interfering. Talking to little Stormy. Realizing he has to leave yet again.)

“He always needs someone. He just doesn’t admit it.” More heartbreak.

Since when do Cybermen negotiate. Or talk to anyone, except to convert them?

It’s not enough for The Doctor to believe in his companions.  Even when he’s believed in them, something horrible always happens to them. Even if they leave like Martha did, they are changed irreversibly. 

I’m just going to post this quickly because “The Wedding of River Song” is showing RIGHT NOW and I still haven’t started watching it. *GASP*

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